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Thailand is now submerged under the most devastating flood of the century. Thousands of people are homeless and misplaced. Farms are destroyed. People have to live without food, clean water, sanitary, electricity and every necessity. Many places are completely disconnected from the world. Physical and emotional damages are beyond human capacity to receive and the healing process would take years.

Wat Dhammakaya, the largest Buddhist temple in Thailand, located in Pathum Thani, metropolis of Bangkok  besides offering refuge for 5000 victims,  the monks and volunteers are working tirelessly on 24 hours shifts to help fight the national disaster.   As you can see from the pictures attached that they are building dams and pumping water to canals to divert the flood on 24 hours shifts.

Up until the 14th of October, the Dhammakaya Foundation has been providing aids to over 100,000 households in 23 provinces. Currently, they desperately need water pumps to drain out water from the flooding area so to prevent spreading any possible diseases, particularly the skin disease.  Donations in cash or aids are needed and appreciated. e.g. Food Clean water water purifying agents or filters Clothes Infant formula medicine (which particular kind) Disinfectants Pumps

Why through us?  The temple has devoted and experienced followers and volunteers led by the monks in disasters relief can deliver directly and timely to the needed ones instead of through the administration.   They have established rescue team with military for the use of helicopters to deliver aids.  
However, All these has undermined the resources of the temple itself and the stock will run out soon.  Please offer your hands by donations and forward to your friends around the world.

Your kind donation are welcome all money collected will be sent to the Dhammakaya foundation to help with this relief effort.


Please Donate