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World Peace Needs Your Helping Hand.
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Information on the Global Peace Generator Building:


The Georgia Meditation team is collecting donations for the Global Peace Generator Building, this building will be an International Buddhist center for the whole world where people from all nations can come together to one place to study world peace in their language. This Merit Drive ends on November 6, 2011 if you would like to contribute and gain merit with us please make a donation on our paypal link.

As you can see from the images that the shape of this building emphasizes the truth that anyone can become like the sun, in that one has light within and at the same time shares their light with all living beings without discrimination. The overflowing self-sustainable happiness resulting from meditation will inspire its practitioners to share happiness with other people even beyond their immediate circles.

The merit resulting from sponsoring the construction of this Peace Generator will attract virtuous people, favorable opportunities and auspicious events to the donors life--not just in the present lifetime but in many future lifetimes to come. 

The donor will share in the merit of all the teachers and students who teach and apply the wisdom of the Lord Buddha for the happiness of the masses; thereby, forming good karmic ties with virtuous people worldwide. As time goes by, this merit will multiply by having its Virtue Leaders passing down the torch to the future generations to ensure the continuation of the Global Peace Work.


The International Buddhist Center will house:

• A school for Pali and Buddhist studies (45 classrooms, including 3 language laboratories);
• Two meditation rooms for 800 people;
• An international Buddhist research library with access to electronic versions of Buddhist scriptures (Tritipitaka);
• A multimedia exhibition hall; 
• A 2,000-seat auditorium for local and international symposiums; 
• A museum displaying rare Buddhist scriptures and artifacts from many countries;
• The coordinating office for all of the Dhammakaya overseas meditation centers and international peace programs;
• The coordinating office for the monks training programs;
• The Dhammakaya Open University for long-distance degree programs;
• The Dhammakaya Foundation for various international and local charitable activities;
• The Dhammachai Institute for academic research, exchanges and staff training; 
• The Peace Revolution project for global peace communities;
• Dhamma radio stations;
• Production and recording studios where Dhamma programs, including live meditation lessons, are produced for global, commercial-free broadcast everyday on the DMC satellite Channel.
• A multimedia production center where Dhamma websites, CDs, magazines, books and academic materials are produced