The Georgia Meditation Circle succesfully donated a Buddha Image to be a part of the Dhammakaya Meditation Cetiya.

 The Georgia Meditation Circle will be the name inscribed on the Buddha image to help form the Meditation Cetiya. After the Meditation Cetiya has been completed, it will continue throughout history to be a place where new generations will learn that there once was a group of people who treasured world peace through inner peace by establishing the wonderful Meditation Cetiya for mankind. Be one of those who helps build a symbol for world peace. You will be so proud to have a role in establishing this greatest construction for our world.

Please watch the video and share this momentous merit opportunity with us! Any amount is appreciated our goal is to have one Buddha image with the Georgia Meditation Circle inscribed in the Buddha image. The abbot of the Dhammakaya Foundation, Venerable Dhammajayo's goal is to have all 1 million Buddha images accounted for by April 22, 2011. This means that this opportunity for the creation of a Buddha image is drawing to an end. Please contribute and help the Georgia Meditation Circle achieve our goal!!!!

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A cetiya is commonly known as a pagoda, which has been a sacred shrine in Buddhism since ancient times.  The Dhammakaya Cetiya is the dome-shaped pagoda enshrining with one million Buddha images both inside and surrounding the dome surface.  It is a place where worshippers and visitors will be spiritually lifted to a high and pure inner place whereby they might eventually attain Nirvana.  Anyone who seeks success will pay homage to the pagoda and make a wish there.  Anyone seeking deliverance will also worship at the pagoda. 

The Dhammakaya Cetiya contains the Buddha’s relics and his teachings along with the one million Buddha images.  Each Buddha image weighs 2.5 kg., and is made of silicon bronze with a special casting technology that incorporates three coats—one each of nickel, titanium and gold respectively.  The process to install the Buddha images is ensured to last more than a thousand years. 

The ultimate goal of the establishment of the Dhammakaya Cetiya is to create real world peace. The Cetiya is a link to world peace.  It is the first in modern time that we are able to gather up to one million Buddhists and non-Buddhists around the world to meditate and share the goal of world peace.

The merits gained from having your own “personal Buddha” enshrined on the Cetiya are 




Nat Intakanok